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Saturday, 7 July 2012

6 ways you can take ACTION - Poster Draft #1

Ok.  I'm on an ACTION mission at the moment.
I just see it as my current 'Cosmic Shame'.
It is something I feel I neeeeeeed to 'do better' as a PYP teacher.

Nothing flash here today. About to hop on a plane to Auckland for a few days.

Today, I simply share a poster that I made for my classroom.
Believe me, this is a first draft... there is room for pictures and I am not precious about making changes.

I post this today in case any of you fellow teacher-nerds feels like chipping in your 2c.

Of course if you're in NZ, you'll only be able to chip in your 10c - lowest denomination.
Australians are welcome to chip in their 5c.
Americans and Poms 1c or penny.
South Africans 5c.
Russians  - I'll accept 10 kopeks worth even if your local store turns these coins away.

Time to peck for New Zullend....  For now, "Dosvedanya Tovarisch"


Joan Young said...

I really like this idea and how you shared it out for feedback! I teach 4th grade in California, US and love connecting with teachers all over the globe. So.. I do have one idea and it is about the order of the categories: I wonder if you might consider that thinking and feeling are sometimes what lead to there others: Thinking, feeling, doing, having, saying, being sort of makes sense to me. Just my 2 cents! Thank you!

Richard Black said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Joan. Fantastic! Great suggestion too. Thank you.

Bruce Ferrington said...

I think the purple is a bit dark to read the writing - and I don't much like the orange colour. Can you get a better orange?

Richard Black said...

Yup! I changed the colours around and made the text white. Way clearer. Want one for your classroom, Fezz?
Thanks for the suggestion, champ.

bridget said...

I would actually LOVE a copy for my IB school in Colorado if you don't mind sharing!

Richard Black said...

This should give you a look at the 'new improved' setup.
A colleague in year 3 found my poster online and changed it.
Then I saw it, recognised the idea and asked where she'd found it.
She had no idea it came from her own school!
Cool huh!

Lynne Scollay said...

This was a great idea. A friend shared your blog when I posted that I had to write an article for my school newsletter about Action in the PYP. I quoted your idea. I checked out the new improved set up on twileshare but is there somewhere/somehow I can actually download the file - happy to pay for it on teachers pay teacher or other such site. Totally love the display and idea!! Many thanks for sharing!

Arishana Riek said...

This is awesome - I am using it in my class (Year 5) and I plan to share it with my colleagues. Using these words help the students to notice their actions, they become aware that actin is not always a big "doing". Thank you.

Ashley J said...

Hi Richard,

This is just what I was looking for. Do you mind if I use the idea at my school?