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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

When 10yr old kidlets reflect honestly on learning

 SO...  I set the cherubs the task of reflecting on their last semester of learning.  You may have read my previous post where I showcased the task sheet.

Wanna see what the cherubs actually wrote as reflections?  Here are those genuine, authentic, responses.

You can see all kinds of thinking going on here.  All kinds of self evaluation, metacognition, pride, confidence, disappointment, honesty...

I'll chime in my two cents with each caption.  Otherwise, nothing more from me.

I apologise for the length of the post.  Tomorrow I share this with the creators in class...
I want each kid to be represented at least once.  I beg your indulgence.

Take it away, you beautifully honest and thoughtful 9 and 10yr old kidlets!

A very positive start.  A very positive attitude.
I can't help but be stoked about the chapel comment..  I also love the insight I get about runs with Dad.
I'd love to know why it got harder to listen. 
Something we all face every day.  I'll have to make sure I tell this kid that fact.
A wobbly hand maybe... but the kid's pinyin is pretty good!
Check out not only the comments here, but the artistic icons
Honesty.  Now to find out how I can help.
This kiddo does struggle to talk, but she shows SO many attributes of the Learner Profile every day.
Awesome icons from a kid no-one would call the 'resident artist' of the class.  They're speech bubbles!!!
Is this kid suggesting that fun was had along the way?  That's awesome.
Some kids just love finding out and wondering.  I'm stoked that the word 'wonder' made it.  It means a lot to me.
A HUGE insight.  I need to find a time and a reason to ensure this kid is boosted again.
Yep.  Grammar's getting there, kiddo.  I love that this kid has circled 'prefer'!
Want to bring your attention to the fact that this kid is honest about maths confidence....

and yet, the idea immediately after this honest appraisal of need is complimented by these awesome icons.

I think it's telling that a 10yr old would call something 'not my strong point'.  Needs unpacking. 
Using PYP language.  An attribute of the Learner Profile to describe mathematical thinking.  Wow.
uhh.. yep. Pentatonic scale. 
Love the stage fright icon.  Love the flag.  LOVE the confidence.
 This is a lad willing to say he thought he was a pretty good singer.  He IS Welsh.  Asking for help with colouring is a big moment for this guy too.  He knows he needs help and I can see he thinks it's important.  Wow.
Now he does know squaring.  Love that the maths checks out too!
Insightful.  I'd love to know more about what is meant by 'when'.  Lots under the surface here.
I'd love to dig just a little deeper here too.  This is a genuinely brave and honest kidlet.
Wow.  I'd love to know more here too.  How can I help seems to be a recurring question in my mind...
A rocking ranger in the making.  I love the honesty about guitar practice.
The year isn't over yet, you clever, clever kidlet.
Can this love of reading rub off on the child we've seen who dislikes reading?  Is there a formula?

The kids have taken these home tonight to share and discuss with their parents.  Some kids seemed pumped about making their icons even cooler, more colourful, black outlined.

There may well be a few (not many I promise) more to share tomorrow.

                                                                   If you've made it this far, thank you and good night.



rmannell said...

What a wonderful collection!

I'm sure many classes would provide many similar responses but I particularly liked the comment about detailed art and wobbly hands. I've always enjoyed the creativity of children when expressing themselves, especially when dealing with reflection and self-assessment. :)

Teacher, NSW, Australia

Richard Black said...

Thanks for your comment here, Ross. I just noticed that I hadn't thanked you for your visit and comment. Poor form, Blackie!
Bruce (from AuthenticInquiryMaths)are big fans of your work. We love your comments too. Our classes know who you are!
Thanks again.