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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

It took blogging about it to see the possiblility...

Yay for us.  Team 4 combined our powers and produced a not-half-bad maths sheet.
Pats on the back aren't really how we roll, but I did like this one.  Seemed like a tidy thing to blog.

Aha.  A new power of 'The Blog' has been revealed to me:

"Don't blog about it if it isn't different in some way - innovative, challenging."


"If it isn't worth blogging about, perhaps it could be made to be more innovative."

Hence it came that I was about to blog about this sheet when I decided to change it up just a bit.

A simple sheet that we've all created at some stage.  Trying to find student voice in maths.
Student choice! Student voice!  That's what this needed.
Originally, #9 asked for a less than number sentence and #10 asked for a more than number sentence.
I changed number 9 to a student choice.
#10 is now totally up to the student to design.  
They could show me what they are good at.
They could show me something they want help with.  
They could tell me something about their interests as part of a word problem. 

This is my humble first attempt (in maths) at trying to find opportunities for student choice and student voice.
I hope this was worthy of a blog post....

Back to my man-cold, day #2.  I miss my class.

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Bruce Ferrington said...

Nice work - design, reflect, revise - it's like an Inquiry Cycle!