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Thursday, 30 August 2012

When a 10yr old asks, "What's the point of existence?"

Today, my colleague sat with my class and asked for questions.
We've been practising asking open-ended questions.  The kids even know that they are asking "philosophical" questions, which is pretty cool.  Philosophy = Love of Wisdom.  Nifty.

So I wasn't really expecting much... we are just beginners at asking philosophical questions.  My friend asked the kids for questions on three topics.  No extra input.  Here's the theme.  'Go-for-it!'

I'll share a handful of questions from each theme.  This session took just over half an hour in total.  Worth it?  I can't believe my 10 yr old kidlets sometimes.  Some were clumsy.  Some were simply amazing.  I can't wait to pick a few tomorrow to run a 15 minute discussion with.  Love these kids!

Theme #1 - Existence. 

 What is the point of existence? 
If things didn't exist, what would we do to make things exist?
How do things live and then cease to exist?
What would happen if beauty didn't exist?
Could we exist without love or emotions?
Will humans exist forever?

Theme #2 - Dreams.

What is the meaning of dreaming and why do we do it?
When did people first realise we had dreams?
Can dreams affect your academic life?
How would the world be different without dreams?
Is dreaming good or bad?
Why do we dream?
Can dreaming change the way we think?
How far can dreaming go?
How do you know if you're awake or asleep?

Theme #3 - Happiness.

Does showing happiness affect others?
Why do people value riches over happiness?
What does happiness mean?
Do we always need to be happy? 
Is happiness always good?
Is being happy important?
Is happiness bad sometimes?
Does happiness make us think better?

MooMoo wanted to take a page out of a great book called "Q is for question."   She wanted to start her own poem about philosophy.

These kids will make pretty good humans, I think.


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