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Saturday, 7 February 2015

New school... New system... New perspective...... Same old 'radical' ideas.

It's been a while. 

Captiano is back.  Tell a friend.

I've started in a new school, in a new city, within a new system, with a new group of teachers and parents.  I'm excited and petrified.  My passions have not changed and I believe that I have something genuinely exciting to sell to this new community.

'This homework thing' has become something of a mini-crusade for me.  I am about to put my still-embryonic reputation on the line.

What I want to sell this community doesn't seem so radical to me.  So this year's blog posts will be my journal, my record of thinking.  These posts will seek your help and sage advice.  These posts will follow the successes and the failures of our precious Year 2 kiddies - with full confidentiality of course.

In two days, I will present my 'Not-Yet-Master-Plan' to the parents of Year 2.  Once I've finished whipping up the presentation, it'll go on here for anyone out there to chew over.  If you find a bone, a pip or anything else that sticks in your craw, I would urge you to let me know and share your thinking.

A short post for now. 

Later, my 'Not-Yet-Master-Plan'.  Hopefully later tonight. 
Now I'm off to create the sales-pitch........ easy............ 
To the Bat Mobile, Robin!

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