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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Home Learning Task Card #2 - Darts Footy

I've decided that an image of each task card isn't a bad idea.  Takes a bit of time, but these images could come in handy at some point anyway.  Hence... this:

The picture is cool... but if you want to download it for editing, you'll need to use Dropbox.  
You'll need to set up an account quickly, but I promise to make this worth your while.
Free, editable resources, Peeps.

This is a quintessentially Australian version of darts... You don't exactly need to understand Aussie Rules Football to play this, but it might make things a bit more fun if you 'google' AFL first.

One of my 'extension' kiddies this year was blown away by the idea of making goals and behinds worth more than the traditional 6 and 1 points respectively.  You don't even need a dartboard.  Just print one out and play on the carpet, stabbing through the paper with a pencil/chopstick/knitting needle/razor-sharp kitten claw....

Do I really need to tell you to be careful when dealing with these things?
Anyway, this is one of many task cards shared on my Dropbox folder.  You are welcome to have a look, download what you like and use at your leisure.  If it means that some more kids don't have to face traditional homework structures, then I'm happy.  If you go for the goal-setting, weekly planning and children selecting their own tasks, I'll be thrilled.

Comments or questions always welcomed.  Happy Easter, Tutti.

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