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Saturday, 14 April 2012

When a kid types "How to have sex" into Google Images. The dawning of a new ICT policy.

I teach in an International Baccalaureate (IB) school.  It's exceptionally 'rad'.
That's right!  I used the word 'rad'.  What about it!?
The kids I teach are pretty awesome inquirers...
...except the other day when a kid typed "How to have sex" into... wait for it... Google images.
The inquiring mind WILL ask these things...
I'd just prefer it were not in school on an iPad when you're meant to be on a music app. Ok champ?
That's not so 'rad'.

One of the more tame images that the Net Nanny let through... 'The Truth' is out there.. lemme tell you!
SO... There's this set of goals for our kids, called the Learner Profile.  
It outlines for us what it is that we value the most in our kids, our teachers, our COMMUNITY..  
The Learner Profile is a recipe for being a 'good egg'.  
We refer to it... a lot.

Clearly not a 'good egg'

There are 10 LP's but this wiki has an image that sums them up WAY better than I could...  http://ictatschool.wikispaces.com/ICT+Learner+Profile
Just a heads-up.  This is a really handy blog.

Little fella being an inquirer isn't on trial here.  That stuff happens occasionally. 
Little fella DID get the ball rolling on revisiting and renewing our Acceptable Usage Policy for ICT.
(AUP4ICT for the acronymophiles)
 I've been trying to think of a creative way to package our AUP4ICT lately.  Fascinating stuff, I know.  

Last week, I 'attended' a nerdfest called #pypchat on Twitter.  PYP stands for Primary Years Program of the IB.  A bunch of Learner Profile 'geekchers' got busy tweeting their ideas and one came through that I loved.  To paraphrase terribly:  
Use the Learner Profile to sort the skills needed to 'stay out of trouble' when using ICT.

So... here's my first draft.  Additional pictures of bunnies and kittens might not be appropriate for such a document.  Who knows!?  If you have ideas for how to tweek this, PLEASE drop me a line.

Sorry about the watermark... when it's fiinalised, if anybody wants a copy, I'll be happy to share.

If you have made it this far into this posting, perhaps you could have a look, see whether it works for you and then leave a comment below.   Thanks for visiting.


Bruce Ferrington said...

Once again a remarkable chapter in the story of inquiry learning.

Anonymous said...

Nice post :-) I like the way you write unpretentiously in your own voice. Will you add this post to the #pypchat wiki? http://pypchat.wikispaces.com/Blogs+about+PYPchat
Have you seen @sbradshaw's presentation on this topic? http://bit.ly/pLgcCw