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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Where's Burkina Faso?

Where's Burkina Faso?  How do you pronounce it's capital city?  Why does the flag of Brazil have a tiny white Southern Cross constellation on it?  Why is Denmark the same flag as Greenland?  Why are there crescents/stars on so many flags in the Middle East?  Why do so many Middle Eastern flags have the same colours with slight differences in design?  Why is Alaska separated from the USA?  Who did the USA buy Alaska from?  When?  For how much?  Why?  Why is Antarctica not any flag colour?  Why is there a dragon in Wales? .........

This painting took me 40 hours to make.  It is about 2m x 3m.  Huge.

From the questions above, can you tell why I spent the time?

Ever handed a year 4 kid a blank map of the world on A3 paper and suggested they try this themselves?
You just watch that one special kid spend hours on it and do every country big enough to see, perfectly.


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