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Thursday, 12 April 2012

When a 9yr old boy calls you, "Daddy" in class...

"Daddy, can you please help me with this?"  asked Q-Dawg. (Nicknames have not been changed to protect the guilty.)  Before he'd even finished his question, he knew the horror that was befalling him.  Smella and Bb were already in stitches on the floor.  Freddo was about to stop breathing, she was laughing so hard.  Q-Dawg tried to say, "No, no, that's not what I meant!" but it was too late.

How do you respond when a kid calls you, Daddy?

Personally, I call him OR her.... "Pumpkin" in return.  "Yes, Pumpkin.  I'll be there in a tick."

Every kid does it as some point in their life.  It's funny.  I choose to make light of the situation and poke a little fun at the unfortunate Pumpkin or Princess for a few seconds.  I get a good laugh out of everyone and then explain that the joke is over now.  Giggle under your breath if you must, but remember to be forgiving of others when they make 'The Mistake'.  Who knows when your guard will slip and you say it too?

Sorry Q-Dawg, Little Pumpkin...  BUT... it was very funny.  I wonder who'll be the next victim?  
I love teaching......

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