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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

When a 10yr old describes what his 'perfect life' would look like

Our inspirational chaplain (have I mentioned previously that he is a LEGEND) asked the year 3 and 4 kids today in chapel, "If you could design YOUR perfect life, what would it look like?"

One of the less 'completely freakin random' images that Google images offers when you type 'perfect life'

There was me... standing to the side, imagining my own 'perfect life'.  I was thinking about my wife being happy.  That, as I constantly remind my boys, is step number one to a happy life.  I was thinking about working, but not needing the money.  I was thinking about my own health.  I was thinking about.... me.

Weren't we all?

Up stood Miles.  He stood there and explained HIS own 'perfect life'.  Miles is 10.
What follows is paraphrased.  The ideas, however, are totally authentic and his own.

"Everyone would have love in their life. 
There would be no hunger or thirst. 
People would have enough. 
There'd be no war. 
People would get along. 
Our planet would be healthy."

This kid immediately thought of others.  Where had MY compassion or world view been?

I haven't got much to say about this tonight, except that with amazing human-beings like Miles on the planet, maybe we aren't as 'totally-doomed' as 'the world' would have us believe.

I had been thinking about myself.  My goals, hopes and dreams.  Miles had immediately put others first.  He's ten and he's figured out that true happiness comes from creating happiness in others.  

Miles TOTALLY channeled 'The Fonz'
When you picture YOUR own 'perfect life', it's healthy to spend some time dreaming about personal goals and aspirations.  I just suggest we all take a leaf out of this kid's book and take some time to think about others too.  

The other amazing thing Miles did was to be brave enough to stand up and repeat his words in front of his peers when the teachers made a 'song'n'dance' about it.  The amazing kids around him applauded and he felt comfortable and secure in his skin.  I couldn't have done that (as freely and confidently) in front of my peers.

The next step - what can I do to help Miles work towards that kind of global, humanitarian aspiration?
Is it just his teacher's job? (Who isn't actually me, it's the amazing Mr Ferrington from Authenticinquirymaths.blogspot.com.au) Is it Just Bruce's job?  

Oh NO!  Now that this kid has said this, I can't swerve around it.  Ohh Mannnnnn!

Once I hear that this kid dreams of a future like that, can I just 'leave it' to somebody else to respond?

These kids keep pushing us each day to help make their world better.  It's hard, but thrilling work.


Nick said...

Great post Blackman. I love Milesy - he is a super kid! Say gday from Mr M!
I hope Richard reads this post (andyour blog in general) - he'd love the impact he's having on these kis -along with the amazing crew of teachers - you're OK too Blackest. The kids at the Ford have something special - I love how they think so openly and deeply and aren't afraid to engage and have the confidence to share with the world. Great kids!
I'm really enjoying reading your blog Blacky - entertaining and informative - love the visual aids to add meaning (and humour!!). I'll be stealing the 'professionalism' pic in this post - hilarious!
Keep it up Blogmaster!!

Peter Wilson said...

The problems of this word feel so overwhelming sometimes that's it's hard to know where to start. It's also hard to feel like anything you do can make a difference. If this is a Christian school, help the child plant seeds of change that are achievable that God can then grow. That way, the problems don't appear so big and scary. It's the same as good health, cell by cell, and a better world, one person at a time : )

Richard Black said...

That's the direction our philosophy lessons are going to take this term, Pete. Starting with our own minds and bodies, how can we create a Perfect, Good Life from the inside out? What does it take to influence the lives of others - close and far? Should be amazing!