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Thursday, 3 May 2012

When a kid asks if I'll do a dare....

Oh mannn... Now I may have done it!

I run a class raffle every month or so based on house points earned / ticket entered ratio.  It's a simple way to keep the kidlets motivated about earning them as part of the 'daily grind'.  They really love house points and I may well blog about my system at another time if anyone cares to know how it works.

At raffle time, three lucky tickets are drawn from a hat.

No delicious treats   : (

No pretty pink Pony  : (
The prizes are nominated by the lucky winners.  They get to choose - but there are some rules.

Nothing you can eat.
Nothing you can buy.
Nothing involving bringing pets to school.
Nothing involving student uniform

That's about it.  Every prize idea does need to be passed by the boss (great guy did I mention?)

The kids last year nominated prizes such as:

"Invite three friends to watch a DVD on the Interactive Whiteboard for two lunchtimes."
"Invite two friends to play Nintendo Wii games on the IWB for recess and lunch of one day."
"Bring iPod to school and be 'plugged in' to music all day." ('pg' playlist required)

Lozza's chair... not great for a 6ft 3inch teacher...
My baby.
This year, only one kid has 'cashed in' her prize so far.  Little Lozza.  She nominated,
"Swap chairs with Mr Black for a whole day."  Clever kid, our Lozza.  She showed off all day and even got to sit in the chair for a special guest speaker.  I had to sit on her little chair all day.   Awesome.

Today was our second draw of the year and MooMoo was drawn from the hat.
This afternoon she asked me a challenging question:

"Mr Blaaaaaaack....... would you consider doing a dare as my prize?"

With all the suspicion in the WORLD, I asked Moo what she was thinking.  I just knew what was coming.  MooMoo, you see, has a VERY talented costume designer for a mother.  Yep... exactly where she was heading with this.  Would I consider dressing up in funny costume for the day as her prize?

Thank GOODNESS all these prize ideas have to be approved by the boss!  Thank GOODNESS he'll never read this blog!  I'll tell young MooMoo that as soon as the boss gets back to me, I'll let her know!

Evil genius... I got skillz.  Bit worried that my kids are even more 'evillll'.

Until such time, perhaps I can rest easy... not having to worry about dressing as a princess for the day.

I wonder if the other two prizes will be simple movie days.  
Part of me hopes so.  
Part of me hopes that they're as creative as Moo and Lozz have been so far.  

Fun Times.


rmannell said...

Being willing to take a dare from a student is truly daring, all the more so if the boss has a sense of humour and gives the okay just to watch you squirm. :)

Richard Black said...

The boss has a very good sense of humour... I think I'm destined to be a Princess Fiona for the day sometime soon. Awesome.......

Peter Wilson said...

lol on the chair swap!

Richard Black said...

The chair swap was pretty great thinking on Lozz's part. She's a champ. You shoulda seen her sitting so comfortably on a teacher's chair while our guest speaker presented for over an hour. Classic. Feet nowhere near touching the floor.