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Sunday, 12 August 2012

In the next One Million seconds of school life:

Deeply entwined within our Home Learning agreement, is the matter of GOALS.

This kid is deeply entwined within goals.  He should read on to understand more clearly.

After roughly calculating that we had approximately One Million seconds of class time left in the school year, we completed a fresh set of SMART goals on Friday.  If you are starting the school year in the Northern Hemisphere, I'd counsel against this exercise on the first day of school.  
Otherwise, timeanddate.com have some pretty groovy time calculation tools thesedays.

One Million seconds left, huh?

I needed to know what each kid thought was important.

I need to know what they WANT to learn.

I need to know what they WANT to be able to do.

So I asked them.

To be displayed in full colour and full size on our classroom door.  To be 'in our faces' at as we enter the room each day.

Now I know what they want.  I know what the Australian Government wants me to teach too.
I know what I want to teach.  I know what our school's Program of Inquiry proposes that we explore.

Armed with this information, I can redefine not only the curriculum, but the conversation.

I could be mistaken, but I feel that this is another step towards making Home Learning successful.

Time to find some highly engaging times tables practise activities!

Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcomed below in the comments section.  Thanks for visiting.


Lindy Buckley said...

Very nice graphic. What did you use to create it?

Richard Black said...

Good ole Microsoft Excel. Imported the pie chart onto a publisher page, added word art, a few text boxes and some text. Glad you like it. Cheers

Bruce Ferrington said...

And next door in 4BF, the top goal was to get better at soccer. Hmm, spot the academic rigour in Year 4 classrooms...