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Monday, 13 August 2012

When your idea is done better in another classroom!

Short post tonight.  Busy week at school has begun already.
Word Work is amazing.  I'll share more about this soon.

Tonight in a staff meeting, we visited team yr3.  A wall display caught my eye.
There, done much better than I'd originally done it, was MY Action display!

I'll take photos of my display when I make it tomorrow!

One member of team yr3 had read my blog post and printed out a poster.
Another saw the poster and made one too.
A third saw it, refined it, made it 50 times better and created a wall display.
The third had NO IDEA that the original had come from somebody at her own school!

Ahh Twitter and Bloggisphere... you really are making the world a tiny place.

Photos tomorrow - once team yr3 email me their upgraded design....


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